Autoblog Podcast #75

So, it's a couple days late - call it a summer vacation hangover and let's just move on. We had a busy weekend covering both the Woodward Dream Cruise and the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, which pushed our schedule back. Once in front of our mics, we start Autoblog Podcast #75 by mulling the 2008 Honda Accord. Damon regales us with the story of the Cadillac CTS media launch out at Laguna Seca. GM's made enough progress that we can just drop the "for a GM" modifier from the sentence "The new CTS is a great car." No longer able to heap abuse on the General, we look to Europe and find MINI. It seems nobody considered that the clamshell door setup on the Clubman should be engineered to swap sides, so it would always be on the passenger side, even in right-hand-drive countries. Whoops. Continuing with entertaining small cars, the Dodge Caliber SRT-4's pricing was announced. $23 large for 285 horsepower - such a deal. Big horsepower was also stuffed under a Toyota Aurion's Australian hood. The 320-odd horsepower Camry spinoff slaps our mamby-pamby weak-kneed Joe Camel Camry around pretty well. Don't change it, just send it. Speaking of car-lust, new DeLoreans are coming! $57,500 will buy you a hand built car that will net endless stupid-ass questions about the flux capacitor.
That's it - a meaty 51 minutes this week, enjoy!

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