Escanaba (biofuel) in Da Moonlight

Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm is in Europe, trying to net her state some much-needed investment. One of her suggestions to companies in Germany and Sweden is to take a look at Michigan's biofuel industry, and at least one company is listening.
The Swedish company Chemrec AB has expressed an interest in bringing a new biofuel component to the NewPage paper mill in Escanaba (for more on black liquor and biofuel, check out this previoius post from Penn State or the link below on Chemrec). According to Northern Michigan TV news station WLUC, Granholm announced today that Chemrec AB and the NewPage Corporation have formed a partnership to conduct a feasibility study on using the NewPage plant for black liquor gasification. Wonder what Jeff Daniels will have to say about this.

[Source: WLUC-TV]

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