AutoblogGreen readers correct government website

As regular readers might know, I wrote an article ranking the best hybrids by crash test ratings. I had not seen anything quite like it and thought it would be useful for readers. Numerous comments later, I wrote another article taking into account numerous corrections. The comments did not stop however. In fact, our readers found errors in the government website I used!!! There was a hybrid not on the list of cars with ESC, an important safety feature, at

I contacted and they say " We appreciate your message. It appears that ESC is standard on the Saturn Aura Green-Line hybrid, as you indicate, as well as other models of the Saturn Aura. The list of 2007 ESC-equipped vehicles that appears on our website was compiled from information provided to us by vehicle manufacturers before the beginning of the model year. Although we make every effort to stay current throughout the model year, manufacturers sometimes make changes that are not reflected in the list. "

WOW!!! Our readers are amazing! You actually corrected a government car safety website's list on a very important safety feature. This has to be some kind of first or something. This really proves blogs and their readers can make a difference. As for the list, well, I guess the Saturn hybrid ties with the Toyota Camry for safest hybrid but this is really YOUR LIST now. You took it over. So post a comment on who you think should be winner. You rule!


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