Nissan's new models to get fuel efficiency gauges

As part of the Nissan Green Program 2010, the Japanese carmaker will be adding fuel efficiency gauges to all of their new models over the next few years. The first US models to get the new gauges are the Infinity G35 and Nissan Altima. The Altima Hybrid has already one of these gauges since it's launch and the rest of the range will get one now.
The new gauges will display instantaneous and average mileage and similar devices have proven to be one of the key tools of hyper-milers. By making the driver immediately aware of the effects of their use of the accelerator and brake drivers can adapt their driving style and potentially achieve improvements of ten percent or more with no technological changes.

[Source: Nissan]

TOKYO (August 21, 2007) -- Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., announced today that all future new models will be equipped with a fuel efficiency gauge to give drivers more information on how their driving style directly relates to fuel economy. The fuel efficiency gauge will also be equipped in current models scheduled for minor product freshenings*1.

The gauge provides the driver with both instant fuel-efficiency and average efficiency readings. For example, by accelerating, the driver would instantly see an increase in fuel consumption reflected on the gauge. Based on Nissan's trials, drivers have tended to improve their eco-driving habits over time, prompted by the real-time fuel-efficiency readings. Driving improvements also included smoother acceleration and braking, which potentially could lead to an average 10% improvement in fuel-efficiency*2.

In January 2007, Nissan introduced the eco-driving information service through its CARWINGS navigation system to promote more economical driving habits*3. Through the installation of the fuel efficiency gauge on the instrument-cluster as a standard feature on all new models, Nissan will extend the awareness of eco-driving to a wider driving audience.

The introduction of the fuel efficiency gauge is in line with the company's overall efforts to launch a wide range of environmental technologies under the Nissan Green Program 2010 mid-term environmental action plan.

*1: Current model range include the SKYLINE, LAFESTA and ATLAS in Japan, and the ALTIMA, INFINITI G35 in the U.S.
*2: 10% average based on Nissan's internal test results. The figure may vary based on individual driving style.
*3: CARWINGS services include listing the average fuel-efficiency of CARWINGS members on the CARWINGS website via monthly rankings and weekly web updates on green driving techniques.

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