Video interview: Miles Automotive on Javlon

We interviewed Miles Automotive about their Javlon electric car in April. They are planning to release a 4-door sedan, highway speed, electric plug-in in just two years. The price? Under $30,000! Below the fold is a video interview with fleet sales manager, I Zion Enos uploaded to Yahoo! videos in May. The interview is 12 minutes and he starts to talk about the Javlon 3 minutes into the interview.

Enos says it's a full-size, four-door sedan, about the size of a Jetta. He thinks it looks like a cross between a BMW and Mercedes with Italian designer Pininfarina behind it (the mock-up we saw in April was by Qingyuan Electric). You could pass this car off as gas until your friends noticed the plug or silent running. The battery will have a warranty like any other vehicle. 10 years or 75,000 miles... or a certain number of cycles. That's like any other vehicle? The engineers are working on a good number of cycles for you.

The battery will be in the back and the front. The model shown was not electric but the look of the car won't change. No bumps to make space for the battery. In a year, year and a half, they will set up their dealership network and start taking pre-orders. Go below the fold to watch the interview.

[Source: Yahoo! Videos]

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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