Axial Vector Engine Corporation demonstrates their new Gas Cam engine

I am not at all sure what the Axial Vector engine is, but here is a link to the site of AVEC, the company which makes the beast. They say that the engine uses a "highly efficient radial-design", but whether or not this means that it is a piston engine with radial cylinders I'm not sure. I have found a few reports that the engine does not have a crankshaft, and some saying that it does not have a camshaft. I know one thing... it has to have something to drive a generator, so there is some sort of spinning shaft inside there somewhere. From the picture, I can see a few turbochargers too. The company claims that the engine has far fewer parts than other internal combustion engines. They also claim that it will be cheaper to produce, make more power and run on almost any fuel. This sounds like a very tall order. If it sounds too good to be true...

Anyway, if you are interested in seeing the engine for yourself, check out their website.

[Source: AVEC]

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