Woodward Dream Cruise 2007: Chevrolet

Click the Astro II for a high res gallery of the Chevys at Woodward

Chevrolet has one of the largest displays at the 2007 Woodward Dream Cruise in a prominent spot at the north end of Woodward in Birmingham. They brought the usual array of Nascar machines, a Cobalt badged funny car, a LeMans winning C6R Vette, and of course plenty of HHRs and street Corvettes of all vintages. The Chevy Volt world tour also made a stop here with the Volt sitting under a tent next to the Camaro Convertible concept. Overlooking the whole Chevy display was a giant poster of the Volt plugged into the side of a nearby high-rise.

There was a wide variety of vehicles from GM employees in addition to a selection from the GM Heritage Center that we profiled a few months back. In the middle of it all was the Astro II concept from the mid '60s. The Astro II was one of the early experimental mid-engine Corvettes that, as we all know, never came to fruitition. A pair of 1957 Chevys sat on top of towers at one end while several more were on the ground.

Check them all out and more in the gallery below.

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