Spy Shots: Production Jeep JT pickup caught testing!

UPDATE: Mike Levine at Pickuptruck.com speculates that Jeep may be going after the postal fleet market. These mules are right-hand drive (to reach mailboxes perhaps?) and leaf springs (to handle the heavy load of mail maybe?)

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Everyone fawned over the Jeep JT Concept when they saw what it could actually do. Jeep fanboys and casual admirers alike all recognized that such a small, light-duty pickup would do wonders for the Jeep brand, and if these spy photos from KGP Photography are anything to by, then it appears Jeep is listening. Read the report from KGP below and check out the gallery of high-res spy shots that confirms Jeep is at least developing a Wrangler-based pickup.

We got up-close and personal with what appears to be a mule for a Wrangler-based pickup truck, right along the lines of the Jeep JT truck concept. The rear doors of a four-door Jeep Wrangler Unlimited have been welded shut, and the black composite roof structure has been extended forward to the B-pillar. The roll-down side glass has been replaced with a solid window.

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A peek inside shows what appears to be a makeshift truck bed, with a load floor that has been extended, allowing no room for any rear seats. More details that suggested a pickup truck are new leaf-springs that have been added, to accommodate heavier payloads in the rear.

Jeep's JT concept was designed to use as much of the existing Wrangler Unlimited's platform, to allow for a seamless transition from concept to production. From what we have seen here, it looks like that process is under way.

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