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With the Toyota vs. GM smackdown in full swing, the Vibe/Matrix always seemed inconsistent with the two companies regular practice of beating each other's brains out. The shared models have been popular enough to warrant a second generation, which we should see officially unveiled at the 2008 New York International Auto Show. Cheers and Gears has a bunch of great spy shots from GenVibe member EastBaySaint of the 2009 Vibe nearly devoid of camo, follow the link to see them. What is missing is any semblance of cladding, a change that's been propagating through Pontiac for a while now, and is welcome anywhere it goes.

Toyota power is still underhood, likely in the form of the 2ZR-FE or 2AZ-FE inline four cylinders, offering 136 or 157 horsepower, respectively. Toyota's Valvematic may show up, as well, along with the attendant efficiency gains. The slightly modish lines of the original Vibe have evolved nicely, gaining less anonymous swept-back headlamps but avoiding the other styling convention du jour, fender vents. There's now a dip in the beltline, recalling the G6. The interior, too, has had its elements pulled together in an evolution of the original's design. Every inch of the Vibe has been scrutinized and revised to good effect, and the name may also be nipped and tucked to an alphanumeric to keep up with the rest of its stablemates, possibly being dubbed the G4.

[Source: Cheers and Gears]

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