Gun owners want their other car to be a Chevy Volt

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Unlike most hybrids, the Chevy Volt may have the uncanny ability to attract buyers outside the culture of environmentally conscious citizens. Case in point is, a gun owners website and forum that's having an enlightening discussion about why the Volt hits their sweet spot. Forget about "tree-huggin stump-humping global warming alarmist" types (their words, not ours), these gun owners like the Volt because it promises a range equal to cars with gas engines and the ability to use no fuel for short trips. Who wouldn't like that? The forum member who started the thread with a link to an article on the Volt comments repeatedly that the first production series hybrid from GM will be a "game changer".

It seems that many people, like the posters, willfully alienate themselves from the current crop of green cars on the market specifically because they're touted by the liberal elite as the morally responsible choice of transportation we should all be driving. In fact, there are many conservatives in this country who also care about the environment and are interested in reducing dependence on foreign oil, but would rather not sacrifice the reliability, range, and general usefulness of their gas vehicles for hybrids that a.) don't live up to their hype, and/or b.) simply don't suit their needs. If the Volt delivers on all of its promises, then it should also attract these people who wouldn't touch a Prius with a ten-foot pole.

Don't forget that the Volt is also produced by a domestic U.S. automaker and will be the first of its kind on the market. That makes it a technological tour de force that patriots can be proud to own. You can't say that about a Prius, and though U.S. automakers do produce hybrids, they arrived pretty late to the game and haven't made a significant impact in the market with their offerings. The Volt will certainly be a game changer, as we suspect it will be the first "green" car on the market to rack up sales that rival its gas-powered counterparts specifically because its appeal plays on both sides of the aisle.

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