The heartwarming tale of a man and his Segway

We are getting mixed messages regarding Segways today. Yesterday, Engadget reported on the largest club dedicated to the not-quite-a-scooter, stand-up, two-wheeled, self-balancing machine. However, Segway themselves are reporting that sales are up. None of those things might matter to the man behind this blog, who truly seems to love his Segway. It seems that he has found ample use for the device, using it to commute, pick up groceries and more... to the tune of 300 miles. With that milestone passed, the author decided to share his thoughts on the device. It is the first item he discusses, "Efficiency and Cost", that caught my eye. For those of you who currently walk, ride a bike or take the bus, his commentary might prove useful to you.

I won't steal all of his thunder, but the part that I thought was most interesting was his calculation that his Segway is "literally paying for itself". Of course, it might not for everybody, but it might for some. However, let me remind all of our readers that they could quite likely do the same job with a much less expensive electric bike. You could even pull a trailer with the bike, and never run out of juice when you consider the fact that pedaling is still an option.

[Source: Before I Sleep]

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