European Commission could neuter CO2 limits

The European Commission that's working on new CO2 emissions limits looks like it might be about to tear the guts out of the new rules. While proposals up to this point had largely focused on a limit of 130g/km average for any individual manufacturer's fleet, the new proposal would let makers of bigger, thirstier vehicles off the hook. They are now looking at a proposal that would have a sliding scale limit tied to vehicle mass.

Heavier vehicles would to emit more while smaller vehicles would put out less. While companies like Peugeot and Fiat that build predominantly smaller more efficient vehicles would get no benefit from this, companies like Porsche, whose current average is about 280g/km, would be largely off the hook. German carmakers like BMW, Porsche and Mercedes would have little incentive to reduce the weight of their vehicles if these proposals are implemented.

[Source: Automotive News - Sub. req'd]

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