Spy Shots: Mystery Merc coupe spotted

It's well known that Mercedes-Benz is developing a new sports car with its racing partner HWA, but, until now, there's been very little evidence of the car apart from a few superficial media reports. However, proof that such a car is in development are these new spy shots that show a very low slung development mule being tested in a desert by AMG engineers.
Contrary to earlier speculation, the prototype's severely long snout suggests this will be a front-engined model, but its proportions put it close to rivaling the flagship SLR in size. The spy photographers managed to get up close to the car during the night and were able to measure its wheelbase, which stands at 106 inches.

The extended wheelbase makes it very hard to believe this is in fact the SL-based SLC super-sports car that HWA rep Hans J├╝rgen Matheis hinted at back in June. That, and the cab backward proportions could signal something different. Winding Road thinks it could even be a new Maybach coupe, which would be very interesting indeed.

[Source: Winding Road]

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