HWA and Mercedes Benz readying a second sports car

HWA is the racing operation set up by AMG founder Hans-Werner Aufrecht to build and campaign many of the Mercedes Benz competition vehicles including the current C-Class DTM cars. HWA has also built some very limited production road going machines for Stuttgart, including the CLK-GTR that were based on the FIA GT racers of the mid-nineties.

HWA continues to be a separate entity from Mercedes even though the mother ship has owned AMG since 1999, but they still work together and are now planning a new coupe that will fit into the gap between Mercedes' current flagship SL55 AMG and the mighty McLaren built SLR. The new car will be built and primarily developed by HWA and is targeted to have performance comparable to current DTM racers. A second car that will essentially be an EVO model of an existing AMG car will be the followup.

[Source: MotorAuthority]

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