Newsweek explains why global warming is a hoax

Judging from reader comments on our little corner of the Internet, not all of you are convinced that global warming is real. Today's Newsweek features a cover story that just might explain why you think so. The short version: transnational companies pay a lot of money to fund loud critics of global warming science who have "obfuscated the science of global warming, misled the public and provided cover for policy-makers to not do anything."

Understanding (or misunderstanding) this vital issue plays a role in just about every decision we make, from how we get around (car or bike or bus?) to what we buy (SUV or sedan?) to the things we eat. And if it doesn't, I think it should. This Newsweek article (read it here) starts with Senator Barbara Boxer's (D-CA) slow realization that "there was a movement behind this [global warming denial] that just wasn't giving up." The article then describes how the deniers' efforts are producing results, affecting legislation and people's lifestyles. There's a flashy interactive timeline of the hoax biz here. Don't know if this kind of article will change anyone's mind, but it's good to know where information comes from, no?

[Source: Newsweek]

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