The EU expects growth in agriculture production because of biofuels demand

The European Commission announced in a recent study that the prevision of growth of the agriculture sector is to be considerably increased by 2014. The document expects higher numbers for oilseeds and grains, whereas sugar will remain flat (most of European sugar is mostly produced from beetroots). The most repeated phrase when the numbers were announced was "Biofuels are a really good opportunity for European agriculture at medium and long term".
The main reason for these previsions is the 10 percent biofuel blend that the EU dictated as mandatory for 2020. Although a lot has been said about imports, the estimates are that only a 20 percent of these biofuels will be imported from third countries. In general terms, the EU15 (the "Western countries") will grow less, an expected 9.9 percent. The EU15 (the "Eastern countries" plus Malta and Cyprus) are expected to grow a 24.9 percent. Finally the latest additions to the EU, Bulgaria and Romania, are the countries that will increase production most significantly, an expected 71.8 percent.

[Source: Europa Press]

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