Biodiesel producers asking for certified oils

Biodiesel seems to be a very good idea but some voices have raised serious concerns about the source of oils used for production. The European Biodiesel Board (EBB), the largest association of European biodiesel producers have demanded a certification system (a sort of green label) that guarantees the sustainability and environment-friendliness of raw materials (mainly vegetable oil).

The EBB considers this measure as urgent, because the market is increasing exponentially, to cope with the biofuel blending requirements in the EU for 2020.

The target of this certification would be the screening out of products obtained from dubious procedures, such as deforestation. It would also be a measure that could help European vegetable oil producers, whose products are usually more traceable than imports. The European association of oilseed plants claims that they're up to the task, since they have increased production ten-fold, up to 5 millions of tons for this year.

[Source: EEB via EnergĂ­as Renovables]

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