Biodiesel and ethanol production reaches 10.7 million tons in Europe

The EU is getting serious about biofuels. The production of ethanol and biodiesel, an estimated 10.7 million tons for 2007, is up a 60 percent from 2006, when 6.5 million tons were produced, according to USDA data.

In the case of biodiesel, production tops 8.1 million tons, 57 percent more than last year. Germany, France, Italy and the United Kingdom produce 80 percent of this quantity whereas imports top 430,000 tons, 560 percent more than last year.

For ethanol, production is expected to reach 2.3 million tons, 71.4 percent more than in 2005 (1.3 million). Germany is current the big producer, topping 450,000 tons although expected production for France and Spain for 2008 is 800,000 tons. Imports are also high, 660,000 tons, 82.8 percent more than last year.

Germany, the United Kingdom, France and Spain are the main biofuel producers and spenders. Previsions for 2008 reflect higher numbers. The EU is expected to produce 12.3 million tons of biodiesel and 3.6 million of ethanol.

[Source: AgroinformaciĆ³ via Econoticias]

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