The EU to help developing countries with biofuels

The EU thinks that developing countries can improve their economical growth if they take the biofuels path. How? The 77 ACP (Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific) countries can import biofuels into the European Union without any duties.
According to the European Comissary for Development, Louis Michel, some of these countries may need foreign public (namely the EU) and private investment for developing sustainable technologies able to compete in the biofuel market. Michel specifically addressed the responsibilities with tropical forests and peasant conditions.

Some might raise concerns about local production in the face of imports. Michel affirmed that in any case, local production will keep a share of the market although the future in biofuels is the second generation (cellullosic, for instance) with raw materials not coming from food sources.

[Source: AgroinformaciĆ³n via Econoticias]

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