Lexus shouldering its way into the Chauffeur Drive '07 with its biggest luxo-barge

My, what a big luxury sedan you have.

All the better to drive you with, my dear.

Not that Lexus is a big, bad wolf in any way, but at the Chauffeur Drive '07, they might as well be the only sponsor of the event, because it'll be their show. All the luxury amenities, stylishness, gadgets to make a technophile moist, and the fact that it's a hybrid will make the LS 600h L the couture d'elegance of businessmen and money-pit well-dippers too important or self-important to drive themselves.

The show itself is intended to be the gleeful high point of the year for professional drivers in Europe. It will take place at Surrey's Dunsfold Park, the place where Top Gear likes to play with cars, videotape them and call it work. There will be presentations on all things chauffeuring, from rules and regulations to starting your own company, as well as a used limo lot, where those who attended the latter seminar can purchase their first fleet cars.

Included below is a gallery of the LS 600h L at Hybrid Fest 2007. It was notably imposing but not overstated, and I did like the blue-background Lexus logo, matching the LED headlights. Too bad it was locked with no keys in sight.

By the way, if you're a cabbie, that means you aren't a chauffeur. All it'll take, however, is a little air-freshener, some calmer and safer driving habits, a more strict personal grooming regimen, and a vehicle not swathed in an obnoxious color, and they'll welcome you with open arms at the Chauffeur Drive '08.

[Source: Chauffeur Drive '07] LEXUS (GB) Ltd. has announced it is to showcase its flagship hybrid powered LS600h at the Chauffeur Drive '07 in September.

Visitors to the show will be among the first to preview the LS 600h priced from £81,400 and LS 600h L, the long-wheel base version, before its UK on-sale date of 1st October. Featuring the world's first full-time all-wheel drive hybrid V8 powertrain, along with more sophisticated array of preventive, active and passive features than any car in its class, the LS 600h will set new standards in luxury motoring. A superb specification will ensure owners enjoy supreme comfort, convenience and on-board entertainment.

Advanced technologies including pre-crash safety systems that can detect collision hazards both on the road ahead and from the rear, Adaptive Variable Suspension and the world's first application of LED technology for low beam headlight illumination, are dovetailed with the skills of master craftsmen to achieve a high luxury finish in the paintwork, fine leather upholstery, hand-trimmed dashboard and real wood cabin trim features.

The LS 600h L can be additionally specified with a Rear Seat Relaxation Pack that provides even higher levels of comfort. The left hand rear seat gains an extending ottoman leg and thigh rest, seat cushion airbag and variable massage function. An independent DVD system, centre console with extending wood-inlaid tray are also part of the pack, together with a more advanced climate control system that uses body temperature sensors to determine optimum performance.

Andy Simpson, Lexus' Manager, National Corporate and Remarketing, commented: "We are pleased to be involved with Chauffeur DRIVE '07 which will provide us with a great opportunity to introduce the new LS 600h and the Lexus brand in general to the key audience of chauffeurs and executive car operators. We are greatly looking forward to the show."
Chauffeur Drive '07 is THE networking event for European limousine operators and chauffeurs, offering visitors a unique opportunity to not only see, but to drive and even buy the world's most exclusive executive cars in one place – an industry first!

Surrey's Dunsfold Park, the venue for the famous BBC Top Gear track, will host the show from September 16th – 18th. A 3000 square metre exhibition hall will house displays of over 50 limousines as well as car manufacturers, coachbuilders and suppliers, including Jaguar UK, Volvo, Hummerzine, Nova Coach from the USA and of course the unique Ferrari 360 limo. The three miles test track itself will allow visitors to test a range of the latest cars and limousines.

That's not all. Hundreds of pre-owned stretched limousines and executive cars, from Bentley Arnages or Millennium Town Cars, will be on display in the dedicated track side showroom 'Limo and LuxuryMart Live', offering exclusive bargains to show visitors.

A daily programme of FREE seminars, courtesy of the National Limousine and Chauffeur Association and the USA's LCT magazine, will also be conducted on the Monday and Tuesday offering advice to anyone working in or wishing to enter the limousine or chauffeuring profession. Topics range from law and finance to chauffeur etiquette, setting up your first company and winning the growing prom market.

Visitors can register for FREE tickets in advance by visiting

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