Italian-made Elettrica EV makes London-to-Brighton drive "with battery capacity to spare"

It may look like an AEV Kurrent to American eyes, but the car in the photo here is an Elettrica. It may share the look of the Kurrent, but the Elettrica is an Italian-made electric car that recently proved it has a range of at least 50 miles during a drive from London to Brighton without recharging. Indeed, it had "battery capacity to spare." Is 50 miles far? No, but it's a way to introduce this car to England.
The Elettrica will be sold in the UK by Travelelectric starting in September. Travelelectric is adapting the Elettrica "into a form more suitable" for the UK. This means the British Elettrica has a range of 60 miles per 5-hour charge and a top speed of 40mph. The batteries are made of aircraft-grade lithium-cobalt.

[Source: Green Car Guide]

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