Spy Shots: Ford Crown Victoria Special Edition, Yay!

Many fans of the Ford Motor Company are longing for some form of the RWD Interceptor concept to become a production reality, and little do they know, such a vehicle is on the way. Well, it's not exactly the Interceptor concept, but spy shots of the 2008 Crown Victoria show that the original Police special will receive the Ford corporate three-bar grille when its refreshed. If the more masculine front clip isn't enough for you to spring for Ford's fleet maestro, then check out the new "special edition" badging complete with a crown adorning the colors of the Italian flag. The only other visible difference on the '08 donut delivery vehicle of choice is a puzzling strip of chrome at the bottom of the lower fascia which looks like a bling goatee. No word yet on powertrain, but the existing 4.6L V8 and a four speed automatic are good bets.
It's difficult to understand why Ford would go to the trouble of doing anything other than a full remodel of the Crown Vic. However trivial the costs of the updates, given that the Vic is now available for fleet sales only, we can't see anybody looking at the 2008 Crown Victoria and saying anything other than.... TAXI!

Click the Read link to see the full view of the Vickie's new three-bar grille.

[Source: Popular Mechanics]

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