Ford Fiesta Crossroad not for offroad

Does anyone really think the world needs another tiny hatchback posing as a sport-ute? We were hoping nobody did, but apparently some guys over at Ford Europe thought this was a good idea. And so they've rolled out the Fiesta Crossroad.

We'll preemptively answer your first question in the negative: it does not have all-wheel-drive, or any real off-road equipment to speak of over the standard Fiesta. It comes down basically to some body cladding: the very worst kind of product engineering. The Fiesta Crossroad might look taller or higher off the road than its standard counterpart, but alas, it's all an illusion.

For an approximately one-thousand-euro premium, buyers get new bumpers, wheel arches and lower door panels in a contrasting shade, some roofr ails and (ooh, get this) special floor mats. We'd venture that the latter was to prevent getting mud all over the interior when the poseur driver mistakenly tries to tackle a dirt road only to get stuck like any ordinary car.

[Source: AutoWeek - translated]

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