Forbes names the 20 Most Dangerous Vehicles for sale today

Tiger, you should be ashamed pushing that beastly Buick Rendezvous on an unsuspecting public. Not only was it little more than a warmed-over minivan trying to look hip, Forbes says it's possibly the most dangerous new vehicle for sale today. Luckily for all the uninformed car shoppers out there, the Rendezvous and several others, like the Ford Ranger, on the list won't be on sale much longer.

Forbes took many factors into consideration when deciding what constituted a dangerous vehicle. Instead of using only crash test data or fatality statistics, the magazine also looked at safety equipment and Consumer Reports' accident avoidance ratings.

Lots of weight was given to standard safety equipment which is what damned vaunted nameplates like Toyota's Matrix, Chrysler's PT Cruiser and Ford's Focus. But at least those cars have optional side air bags, Suzuki's Reno and Forenza don't even offer them as optional equipment.

There were some surprises, though. Forbes praises the Honda S2000 for having admirable crash test results and superior handling that could help in crash avoidance, but puts it on the list anyway for not having standard side air bags.

Check out the story and entire list here.

[Source: Forbes]

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