Iron Man will drive an Audi R8

Don't tell Toyota, but Iron Man drives an Audi - at least in the movies. Not to be confused with longtime Toyota off-road truck racer Ivan "Iron Man" Stewart, we're talking about Tony "Iron Man" Stark here. Word from Variety is that the newest big screen superhero will be piloting Audi's latest supercar, the R8. The Ingolstadt flyer was chosen by Marvel Studios and Paramount Pictures to be the personal wheels of billionaire industrialist Tony Stark. At least when he's not donning his armor as Iron Man, he'll be tooling around in this mid-engine stunner. And from the sound of it, the movie will be a family affair with the A6, Q7 and the upcoming S5 playing supporting roles. Expect a huge movie tie-in campaign for the film's release that's scheduled for May 2 of next year.

Thanks for the tip, Jay!

[Source: Variety]

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