Can't wait for the Giugiaro Mustang? Here's another Italian thoroughbred

First, let's get a few things straight. The U69 is an American muscle car modified by an Italian tuner and vehicle importer that goes by the name UK Garage and is based in Milan.

Under the hood, this tuned pony car packs a supercharged version of Ford's quadcam 4.6L V8 that develops 490hp and is mated to a five speed manual gearbox. Top speed is a claimed 174mph, while the 0-62mph is done in just 4.3 seconds. If all this seems too much, a less powerful naturally aspirated version with 330hp is also available, as is an automatic transmission, but the less powerful motor reduces 0-62mph times to 5.4s. The car also comes with an Eibach lowering kit and a Borla Superflow exhaust.

Interested buyers will have to scrounge up the equivalent of $74,000 for the Italian Mustang, and then make the tough decision of what color to pick from a choice of either yellow, red, white, orange, or silver.


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