La-Zness-Boy: Armchair Cruisers

In college we had a ratty, brown recliner no one wanted to surrender. With its overstuffed cushions and under appreciated looks, it caused many a missed class. After graduation it saw many, many hours of post-party lounging and entire Saturdays of immobility. It was almost the perfect piece of furniture. Almost perfect because its makers totally failed to install any means of propulsion, meaning occasionally, usually when the beer ran out, we'd have to walk.

Armchair Cruisers understands that shortcoming, and is valiantly trying to correct that egregious omission in the furniture they sell. Their motorized furniture can take you from the bedroom to the backyard to the beer store with you moving nothing more than your right hand! It's genius, we tell you.

AC says they don't just take a LaZBoy and slap it on top of a lawnmower frame. No, the company says it custom builds these things from the ground up, with both electric and gasoline models. There's a Harley Davidson-themed recliner, a comfy-looking, cow-print armchair and a three-wide loveseat on their Web site.

The options list would make any import street-racer drool, with accessories like liquid-cooled twin engines, disk brakes, dual exhaust, drink coolers, and, our favorite, nitrous kits.

Prices of the two-seat, love-seat-like Rumble Bee start at $4,900.

And if you like speed with your furniture, Armchair Cruisers is developing a twin-engined, nitrous-injected, 30 hp easy-chair. And if you like stupid crazy speed with your furniture, they're working on a jet turbine powered recliner. If you're interested in buying one of AC's creations, you might want to do it before they begin testing that one.

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[Source: Gizmag]

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