Spy Shots: Euro 2009 Ford Fiesta

The Jalopnik crew has run some KGP spy pics of the 2009 Fiesta five-door. Production of the already announced three-door Euro model is still a year off, but these pics seem to show a fairly production-ready five-door prototype.
Although cloaked, the form-fitting cover purportedly gives away Ford's new Kinetic Design philosophy. Click over to see a bunch of pics and read the KGP crew giving a thorough analysis of the design. There are twin trapezoidal grilles in the bumper, plus another between the lights. And those headlights are a pretty dramatic cat's eye design that sweeps way back into the fenders. KGP even compares the front end arrangement to the Ford Iosis X concept. We think it takes some imagination to see that much through the car cover, but we don't spy on cars for a living.

Along the sides there's a well-defined character line that connects the headlights to the taillights. They call it sporty and strong, and again mention the Iosis X as a possible inspiration. When the cover started to flutter, the KGP guys were able to see that the tall D-pillar tail-lamps appear to have been ditched in favor of more conventional units across the rear.

Some are saying this new Fiesta is the first move in Ford's new global surge. With U.S. sales of the five-door possible by 2010, we might see the U.S. version labeled as a "concept" in Frankfurt this September. It should have slightly revised fascias to better tie it into the Red, White and Bold theme shown in the Edge and Fusion, as well as to meet U.S. crash standards.

[Source: Jalopnik]

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