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Tesla's Darryl Siry on product placement with the Roadster

Perhaps the most talked about new car to appear in recent years that almost no one has actually driven yet is the Tesla Roadster. The impressive thing about this is that they have managed to pre-sell hundreds of these cars without spending a dime on advertising (aside from whatever was spent on a couple of press introductions). Certainly this site is as guilty as any when it comes to jumping on this bandwagon, although we honestly think that Tesla is onto something really special here and we have reported the bad news as well as the good.

We reported the other day about the Tesla Roadster being one of the featured vehicles in the upcoming Project Gotham Racing 4 for the XBox 360 and now Marketing VP Darryl Siry has picked that up and expanded on the subject of product placement for the Roadster. As might be expected for a car that has gotten so much attention, Darryl has received a lot of offers to the Roadster. Unfortunately product placement can be hit of miss because there is no guarantee of a film's success. Ford did well with the presence of the Aston Martins, Land Rovers and Mondeos in the last Bond film. However Chrysler got burned with for the $3 million they spent to get Jeeps used in the movie Sahara which about three people actually saw.

[Source: Marketing 2.0]

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