Honda plans hybrid sales in Indonesia

Most of the green car news we post about Indonesia has to do with biofuels. But now we learn that Honda is getting ready to sell hybrids in that country. The Xinhua General News Service is reporting that Honda's Indonesian subsidiary, PT Honda Prospect Motor, will test the local hybrid market bring by bringing in three Honda Civic hybrid sedans in September. The idea is to introduce the technology to Indonesians rather than for pure commercial reasons, a Honda executive said.

According to Xinhua, the hybrid premium is huuuuge in Indonesia. The hybrid Civic will cost 470 million rupiah ($51,619 US). Compare that to the most luxurious convention Civic, which is 320 million rupiah ($35,145). Almost $17,000 to get a hybrid version? Yikes.

[Source: Xinhua General News Service]

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