British man gets a Slow Ticket for Fast Driving

The police make mistakes with traffic violations all the time, and we've all heard plenty of stories on top of the ones that have happened to ourselves personally, but this one takes the proverbial cake.

Derrick Thomas, 71, of Ipswich, Englad, received a ticket a few days ago from police claiming he was speeding on a local road, allegedly clocked at 60 mph in a 40 zone. Fair enough, but the ticket took nine years to arrive, covering a distance of just 52 miles from the police station in Essex, at a speed which our friends at Carscoop calculated at about 0.0006 mph! What's more is that the car which Mr. Thomas, a professional master of ceremonies, was allegedly driving was a Mercedes C250, when he's only owned BMWs since 1989.

British police and postal officials are now competing to see who messed up more. Mail carriers insist that they couldn't have had the letter for that long and that it must have been re-introduced to the system at some point. Meanwhile police say it's not their responsibility to ensure that the mail has arrived, but in nine years they failed to follow up on the infraction, despite the letter threatening the imposition of a fine and demerit points if the driver didn't follow up within 28 days.

Enough excuses, Thomas. Were you speeding or weren't you? "I can't remember what I was doing last night let alone in 1998." Good answer.

[Source: East Anglian Daily Times via Carscoop]

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