Rendered Speculation: BMW X6

Believe it or not, BMW is developing a third SUV model - this time a coupe-crossover that will be manufactured at its Spartanburg plant alongside the X5 and next-gen X3 SUVs. The new model, which will pick up ' X6' badging, will share its running gear with the X5 but will feature a chopped profile and lowered suspension.
UK's CAR Online has a series of spy images of what it calls the new SAC or Sports Activity Coupe, including some of the best artist impressions we've come across. The renderings show what appears to be a much sleeker version of the X5 with a sloping coupe-style roofline, a Concept CS-inspired front bumper and a squared off tail-end.

The low profile rules out any possibility of third-row seating, and according to CAR there'll only be enough seats for four with an optional jumper seat for a fifth passenger. Expect the full gamut of BMW electronic gadgets and gizmos to feature in the X6, including the latest iDrive, Efficient Dynamics fuel saving technology and Adaptive Drive suspension mods.

[Source: Car Magazine]

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