Rumormill: Bugatti targa coming this way

Bugatti has just added another option to the tiny list of upgrades for the thousand-horse, million-plus motorcar: a targa top. The top will be made of glass and stowed -- manually, we would guess -- somewhere in the car. Word is that if the skies turned sour too quickly, a fabric cover could be "pulled into place," which is a contraption we'd like to see. To prevent flexing at double-ton+ speeds, the car will also be reinforced; instead of 250 mph or so you'll only get to 217. There will be just 80 made, which will make them even more exclusive than the "base" model, and sure to sell out. It's likely that teams of Swiss and Caribbean bankers have already been mobilized by waiting buyers to collect the necessary funds from their offshore accounts, so call yours today.

[Source: Motor Authority]

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