Get some seat time in a TT, A4, RS4 and even an R8

If your local Audi dealer calls the cops every time you ask for a test drive of an RS4, we suggest you either dress nicer next time or, if that's not possible, head to one of four cities hosting the Audi Driving Experience.

New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco are the four sites for Audi's traveling test drive, where participants can have the chance to drive their TT, A4 and Q7 all for free. You'll be able to put them through control, braking and accident avoidance maneuvers. If you can show you know how to handle their cars, Audi will even let you take one out for a lap around the racetrack.

The most improved drivers at each venue wins a ride in Audi's much-vaunted R8 supercar. Those winners will instantly be upgraded from most-improved to most-envied.

That's all included in the Audi Driving Experience two-hour introductory program, but for $600 Audi offers the half-day enthusiast program. That gets you professional driving instruction and track time in all the aforementioned cars, as well as the RS4 and R8.

There are two dates in each city, but with a chance to either ride in or drive an R8, we would expect them to fill up quick.

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