Green Rewards program in Illinois could give hybrid buyers $1000 rebate

Illinois State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias has a plan in the works which would make it more attractive from a financial viewpoint to purchase a hybrid vehicle. The plan is known as the Green Rewards program. Of course, the higher that gas prices go, the sooner the initial purchase premium for a hybrid vehicle is paid off. But, it still takes a few years even under the best-case scenario. This is the reason that Illinois is unveiling a program which would give hybrid owners a $1,000 rebate per vehicle owned. The program has been funded with $2 million, meaning that 2,000 people can get the rebate, but Giannoulias said that there is a chance that the program will be funded with more money if it proves popular.
Further, Giannoulias will set a fine example by driving an Escape Hybrid while he is traveling the state to let us all know about his new program.

[Source: Detroit News]

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