GM's Vice Chairman Bob Lutz, as you probably know from our previous posts, is giving fans some video responses to their questions about GM's current and future plans. His most recent post is about the Chevy Triplets - the Beat, Trax and Groove - that were unveiled earlier this year in New York. While the three cars as shown do not meet U.S. safety standards and will hit foreign markets instead of the domestic one, modifications to these concepts could be made for the production vehicles to be sold here in the U.S. Just not right now, K?

Lutz admits that GM is "absolutely" playing up the Triplets for all they're worth and that they were introduced in New York so that the press would realize that GM is a global company. 2007 is the third year in a row where GM will sell and produce more vehicles outside of the U.S. than in the U.S. Russia, Brazil and India are all high-growth markets for GM, Lutz says, so get on board, media.

For a heap of high-resolution pictures of these mini cars, check out these galleries:

[Source: GM Fastlane blog]

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