Video: Lutz admits Cadillac Sixteen wouldn't be prudent

The Cadillac Sixteen concept from 2003

General Motors has released another in a series of videos of senior managers and executives answering questions from readers of their FastLane blog. This time Vice-Chairman "Maximum" Bob Lutz answers the question "Hey Bob, what's up with all the concept cars that never goes into production?" In discussing some of concepts and ideas that have or will go into production like the Solstice and Volt, he also mentions the Cadillac Sixteen concept of a few years ago.

The Sixteen was envisioned as a flagship for Cadillac with an enormous V-16 engine and 1,000hp. Lutz acknowledges that in an era of 35+mpg fuel economy standards even equipped with a hybrid system Sixteen would be lucky to crack 13mpg. That, he admits would not be a prudent move. Instead Cadillac is likely to introduce a vehicle smaller than the CTS instead, which means we will probably be seeing something off the rumored Alpha platform in the next few years. Check out the video after the jump

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