Would you like beans with that? 2008 Mustang to use soy-based seat foam

The 2008 Mustang that appears in August will be full o' beans. Soybeans. Ford has teamed with automotive supplier Lear Corporation on the creation of soy-based seat foam. Car seats currently contain roughly petroleum-based foam, and the new soy-based variety will substitute nearly a quarter of that mass with renewable content, as well as lower the amount of C0² emitted during the creation of the foam. Ford's been playing around with soy ever since with Model T, which contained 60 pounds of beans in its paint and molded plastic parts. This is the kind of environmental tech we can get behind -- and sit on -- without reservation. We do wonder, however, what it will do to that new car smell. This isn't the only "green" material Ford's using with regard to seating accommodations in '08 models, either. The new Escape's seat upholstery is made of eco-friendly recycled materials. For Ford's full press release on the new soy foam seats, click the image above or the "Read" link below to see it at AutoblogGreen.

[Source: AutoblogGreen]

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