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New CRX won't show until 2011, but will be a hybrid

Back in February we relayed some information to you about a possible new Honda CRX. Our friends over at Winding Road told us that Honda was finally admitting to developing a new CRX based on the Fit platform. The success of small, affordable, fun cars like the MINI proved the market was viable and Honda eventually gave the car the green light. Well, now comes some additional info stating that besides the green light, Honda is giving the new CRX a green powerplant. Some might recall the poor-selling, but much-loved-by-a-few Honda Insight, as well as its resemblance to the wickedly fun but economical CRX. Marrying both loved vehicles into one model makes some sense, too.

WR is reporting that its inside info says the car will definitely be a hybrid, and should emulate the styling of the original CRX rather than its successor, the Del Sol. Good news so far. The catch is that rather than seeing the car in 2009, as originally thought, it is going to debut around 2011 instead. Geneva's Small Hybrid Sports Concept and Los Angeles' Remix were seen as possible CRX design ideas, but it seems that an homage to the original is more likely. We'll probably see a concept version in Tokyo in October.

[Source: Winding Road]

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