Honda's press conference at the 2006 LA Auto Show saw the debut of the REMIX Concept, a purely hypothetical three-door Honda hatch that thinks it's a fighter plane (check out the wraparound cockpit-like windshield and roof-scoop). This little silver bullet reminded us a bit of the Volvo C30 in shape, and it's obvious from Honda's press release that the car's purpose is one and the same: fun to drive and practical to boot. The concept is said to be powered by a four-cylinder motor and swaps cogs with a six-speed transmission. A sport suspension and big brakes are also part of this theorethical equation. Though many see the REMIX and instantly think of a CRX successor, it doesn't sound like that's what Honda's thinking. Then again, a concept's chances for production are directly related to the reaction it invokes from a crowd, so if the REMIX is received well, you never know.

More live shots, press shots and Honda's full press release can be found after the jump.



Honda REMIX Concept Shines Brightly at Los Angeles Auto Show
Styling concept mixes sports car attitude with everyday functionality

The Honda REMIX small sport concept vehicle made its world debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show, American Honda Motor Co., Inc., announced today. The REMIX explores the shape and design of a two-seat sports car focused on agile and fun-to-drive performance that can also provide exceptional practicality as a daily driver.

Sports car in shape and design, the low-slung REMIX features a wrap-around canopy that adds a fighter jet-feel to the driving experience. The aluminum-color exterior accentuates every line and curve in the geometric, yet fluid styling. Capable of delivering more than just driving performance, the rear storage area supplies generous cargo room.

"Pure Honda to the core, the REMIX concept vehicle focuses on a simple, lightweight and fun-to-drive philosophy," said John Mendel, senior vice president of American Honda Motor Co., Inc. "The concept balances sports car virtues with real-world practicality."

The REMIX Small Sport Concept is a product of the Honda R&D Americas, Inc., Advanced Design Studio in Southern California. Purely a design concept, the vehicle is fashioned around a front-wheel drive small car platform with a 4-cylinder engine and a 6-speed manual transmission. A sport suspension, along with aggressive tires and brakes, further supplement its performance side.

"The REMIX blends familiar Honda themes into a new, fresh design," said Ben Davidson, REMIX lead designer, Honda R&D Americas, Inc. "Smooth and fluid surfaces provide a sports car identity to the geometric shapes that form the functional aspect of this vehicle."

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