Any automotive forum regular would be familiar with the photochopped previews of future cars, many created by guys in their bedrooms splicing together images of their favorite cars and presenting them as the real deal. German car magazines are also notorious for publishing these 'artist impressions,' hiring professional designers and gathering info from inside sources to come up with a portrayal of a model not seen before.

One such artist is 36 year old Larson, a self-described Audi enthusiast and a graduate of the Transportation Design College in Pforzheim, Germany. During his career, 'Lars' has worked as a professional designer for the likes of Mazda and the Fulda tire company, but currently he spends his days freelancing for several car magazines worldwide.

The difference between Lars' work and most of the renderings you'll find all over the web is that he takes a formal design approach to his creations, starting off with preliminary sketches and a look at the character of each brand before picking up an electronic tablet and pen and creating his masterpiece.

[Source: Fourtitude]

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