The GM FastLane Blog revealed that its first video interview with Bob Lutz that addressed GM concept cars was actually supposed to be the second one released. This new video just released today was to be the first, but technical issues pushed it back. Here we have Lutz in front of the lens addressing the most commonly asked question about Buick, specifically its relation to the raging Chinese division and its position in General Motors as a whole.

When answering why Buick's Chinese division is getting better looking luxury cars than the U.S., Lutz simply fires back, "I don't think they are." The consumate diplomat, he says the door is always open for the rear-wheel-drive Zeta-based Park Avenue that will be sold in the Chinese market to make its way to the States, but we'd have to disagree that the U.S. market LaCrosse and Lucerne hold a candle to what's coming down the pipeline for the Chinese.

When asked about Buick's role in GM, Lutz takes up most of his time explaining Cadillac's role as a world leader and then places Buick just below it. It's interesting that he says, "The days of taking some Buicks and pricing them with Chevrolets... will never be repeated." The $32,790 price tag of the new Enclave CUV compared to its other Lambda-based offerings from GMC and Saturn is proof positive that Buick will be positioned near the top of GM's portfolio.

So there you have it, a little Lutz on Lutz action for your Thursday evening.

[Source: GM FastLane]

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