We are big proponents of the electric car, and for good reason. The majority of Americans could use one for their daily commute without making any concessions at all, even if they don't know it. There are some stumbling blocks for sure, public perception being one of them. Available charging stations being another one. While this invention won't necessarily help with public perception, it might just take a chunk out of the charging problem.

What you are viewing in the video above is the work of Graeme Attey, and is "a modular wind turbine system that sits neatly on a roof to generate power for a home." The idea seems obvious enough, use the power that is already available in the wind to charge up batteries which can then be discharged back into your electric car. According to the source article, five of them could provide enough energy for your entire home, but I am instead choosing to focus on charging just your automobile. Would you put something like this on your garage roof? How about in conjunction with solar panels?

[Source: Engadget and Meta Efficient]

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