Vintage replicas, new management

A bunch of guys are sitting around at the local watering hole, throwing back a couple cold ones, and they get to talking. It's the usual, familiar scene. 'If I had my own sports car company, I'd do it all different.' 'That Russian kid who bought TVR doesn't know what he's doing.' 'Why can't anyone make a decent roadster like the Porsche 356?' The difference in this case was that the guys had the money to make it happen, and have put it right where their mouths are.

The result was the formation of Tygan Motor Company and its acquisition of Chesil, a company that successfully produces and markets replicas of Porsche 356 Speedsters based on VW Beetle components. Tygan is gearing up to offer variants with a customer's choice of 1.8- or 2.0-liter, air-cooled, four-cylinder, Volkswagen-sourced, twin-carb boxer engines. To back it up with competent handing, Tygan is fitting an independent rear suspension, and to back up its reliability, a one-year warranty. Buyers can chose a two-seater or – shock! – a 2+2 configuration, at a projected cost of £28,750 in the UK.

After acquiring Chesil Motor Company's assets, Tygan expanded the production facilities to double output, while retaining Chesil's staff. Tygan is aiming to become the UK's and Europe's biggest producer of classic sportscar replicas, and with an injection of capital and a driven new management, they stand more than a half-decent chance.

[Source: PistonHeads]

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