GM matches Tundra's incentives

Toyota stole GM's thunder, but The General isn't going to let Toyota take its lunch money. The Japanese company is offering grand slam incentives for the '06 and '07 Tundras that include $3,000 and interest-free loans for five years. That kind of honey moved Tundras off dealer lots with a quickness, allowing the Tundra to improve its June 2007 sales by 146.3 percent over June 2006, with 21,727 trucks sold. GM didn't expect Toyota to be offering such a sweet deal on a truck that had an all-new version introduced this year, but Paul Ballew, GM's executive director of global market analysis said, "We're evaluating our options right now."

GM does offer incentives on the '06 and '07 Silverado and Sierra, and even though sales for those two pickups declined in June, the Silverado still moved 44,955 units and the Sierra 15,187. With Yukon Denali sales up as well, GM has a mix that it believes can maintain profits, so it's not out "to match dollar for dollar," but still, it's "not going to concede ground in a category we feel we're best in class in." Ballew's final words for Toyota: "The game's on."

[Source: Auto News, sub req'd]

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