A Vision in Red: Ferrari binoculars from William Optics

You've just dropped several hundred on a pair of tickets to a grand prix, and hundreds more on flights, a hotel room and team paraphernalia. You're not about to watch the race through any ordinary binoculars, are you? William Optics (no relation to Williams F1) is betting that you wouldn't, and has teamed up with Ferrari to produce the latest piece of Prancing Horse merchandise: the Ferrari Visio binoculars.

The high-gloss red and carbon-fiber casing houses 8x25 lenses in a compact and lightweight 290g folding package, and comes complete with neck strap and cordura nylon carrying case. All yours for $100.

This isn't the first time Ferrari has licensed binoculars, which seems like a more fitting exercise than Ferrari skis or computers. A previous arrangement with Olympus also produced binoculars as well as a digital camera.

[Source: Luxurylaunches]

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