Vegans driving Hummers: Greener than a meat eating Prius owner?

We don't have much history covering the debate between being a vegetarian versus eating meat, and for good reason: we are first and foremost an automotive blog. From time to time, we do branch off and cover other green issues, as we believe that our readership is broad and enjoys those occasional forrays as much as we do. This here is a topic that we can sink our teeth into (HA HA), because it concerns both green issues and cars.

Any takers on this one? The question is whether a vegan driving a Hummer is greener than a meat-eating carnivore driving a Prius? I'm not touching this one... I have no problem admitting to eating and enjoying meat, though. I would prefer knowing that all the meat I eat comes from sustainable sources, but I an not naive enough to say that I am sure it does.

As a side point, ever notice that stories like this love to pick on the Hummer brand and the Toyota Prius? How many debates have you witnessed regarding these two vehicles and brands in particular? I am positive that a Prius owner must hate hearing that they are dirtier than a Hummer owner. I don't buy the argument myself, but what do I know? I'm no expert when it comes to the greenhouse gases emitted from a cow's tailpipe. Natural gas!

[Source: Treehugger forums]

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