The mobile audio equivalent of a Howitzer: Subwoofer Truck

Subwoofer TruckThe naming is appropriate for a low-frequency addicted BAMF - Sub Mofo. If you're looking to jiggle the teacups in Aunt Millie's breakfast nook over in the next county, this is the vehicle for you! It appears to be some sort of promotional vehicle for mobile audio manufacturer Power Acoustik. In fact, Mofo is a particular model line of extremely beefy subwoofers from the California-based electronics manufacturer. The Mofo-10s appear to be part of what this truck's equipped with. From the specs, these woofers require serious current, so we hope that's a generator truck underneath all the line arrays, crossovers and electro-shock graphics. With a motor structure that weighs 270 ounces, a couple of these babies in the trunk of an RWD car, with the supporting cast of amps, active crossovers, stiffening capacitors, and a battery for good measure, you'd have plenty of snow traction. Subtle it's not, but it is an impressive way to go deaf. What?

[Source: techeblog]

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