Tunage: Edo Shark 911 Turbo

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Not long ago Edo unveiled its 996 Turbo conversion kit. A couple of months later, and they've realized that that was so ... 996. Now it's time for their 997 Turbo package, called simply, "Shark." Horsepower goes from 480 to 550, and torque gets twisted up to 460 lb-ft to 583. Top speed is claimed to be around 210 mph. Outside, the package is rather understated, but of course we're talking about a car that looks half aftermarket when it leaves the factory. An altered front valance and front lip, a revised rear spoiler, and quad pipes are about it. If you don't include "edo competition" written on the sides, that is. We don't know how much the upgrade costs, but if you're spending what we're sure is "that kind of money," you could always get 20 more hp and 8 more lb-ft with Rinspeed's white Turbo number.

[Source: Edo Competition]

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