You want how much for that Rambler and Corvair and Galaxie and ... ?

Yesterday, while driving around Lansing, Michigan, I came across a parking lot full of cars. This certainly isn't unusual, but these were not a collection of vehicles you'd see in front of your local post office or grocery store. No, these were (mostly) cars from the past: a 1960 AMC Rambler, a 1976 Datsun '62 Ferrari Replica, a 1963 Chevrolet Corvair MNZ 900, and more, all gathered together in one spot. The scene reminded me just how cool cars can look (remember, I mostly focus on the greener side of driving at AutoblogGreen, where the really cool looking vehicles are mostly concepts).

The classic and historical vehicles were brought together for an auction by Sheridan Realty and Auction Co. The auctioneer made it a point to say that some of these cars were built right here in Lansing, which I can only assume brought nostalgia and sadness to a lot of the shoppers. Don't make a lot of Oldsmobiles 'round these parts any more. I only hung around long enough to snap these pictures, but the prices for what sold while I was there were around $3,000 to $4,000, even if the brakes didn't always work. You can check out the details on the cars here.

My favorite pictures: the red hood with the "Oldsmobile" visible in the faded paint, the original-issue Oldsmobile 8 tracks, and this one. Enjoy the gallery.

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